TANNOY CMS 503ICT LP 5″ Full Range Ceiling Loudspeaker with ICT Driver for Installation Applications (Low Profile)



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This pair of 5″ Full-Range Ceiling Loudspeakers from Tannoy includes two wide-bandwidth, high-power handling, and high-sensitivity loudspeakers built around Tannoy’s CMS 3.0 Ceiling Monitor System technology. With a reduced backcan depth, the low-profile speaker has been engineered specifically for applications where ceiling cavity dimensions are a critical limiting factor. The point source configuration of the ICT driver’s mid-bass and tweeter sections ensures a wide and controlled dispersion for optimum coverage, avoiding the significant energy losses in the vertical plane at the crossover frequency that are inherent in typical two-way designs.

The loudspeaker utilizes a 16-Ohm driver, making it ideal for use in high-performance, low-impedance systems. A low insertion-loss 30W transformer is included, with convenient front switching for taps at 30W, 15W, and 7.5W, with an additional 3.75W tap for traditional constant-voltage systems. An extra clamp extension accommodates thicker ceiling panels, and a locking design prevents inadvertent over-screwing. The magnetic grille attachment enables easy removal and fitting for custom painting and tapping changes.

  • 5" ICT transducer for durability and longevity
  • High power and high sensitivity with extended frequency response
  • Wide, controlled, constant directivity dispersion for optimum coverage
  • Ultra-shallow depth profile for applications where cavity space is restricted
  • Convenient front tapping switch for settings
  • Magnetically-adhering grille system for easy custom painting
  • Four-clamp, self-aligning mounting system
  • UV-resistant baffle and grille
  • Suitable for: voice alarm systems, multi-zone foreground music & paging systems, boardrooms & offices, business music systems, airports, convention centers, hotels, waiting rooms, houses of worship, retail outlets, shopping malls, lounges, bars, cruise ships, and courtrooms

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 6 in

  • Tannoy 5" Full-Range Ceiling Loudspeaker with ICT Driver (Low Profile, Pair) 2 x C-Rings 2 x Tile-Bridge Kits 2 x Paint Masks 2 x Cut-Out Templates 2 x Grilles Limited 5-Year Warranty