Vinten V4161-0001 Mid-level Spreader Flowtech100



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The Vinten Mid-Level Spreader for flowtech 100 Tripod is a telescoping spreader that easily and securely snaps into your flowtech 100 tripod legs. The mid-level spreader features four locking positions that allow you to adjust the spread of your tripod legs while keeping them from flying open on all surfaces. The advantage of the mid-level spreader over a ground spreader is that you can use it on uneven terrain such as gravel, rocky ground, and on stairs without the mid-level spreader buckling and making the legs unstable. The spreader folds up neatly inside the legs, allowing them to close as if the spreader wasn’t inside.

  • Telescopic Mid-Level Spreader
  • Set Tripod Leg Angle/Footprint
  • Stabilizes Tripod Legs
  • Suitable for Use on Uneven Terrain

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 4 × 3 in