ADJ FOCUS FLEX L7 Moving Head Fixture FOC734



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The Focus Flex L7 offers lighting designers the creative flexibility of generating vibrant washes, punchy beams, and eye-catching pixel effects from one compact and quick automated luminaire. Powered by an array of seven potent 40-Watt 4-in-1 RGBL color mixing LEDs, each of which can be controlled independently, it offers a motorized zoom function providing the versatility of a variable beam angle of between 6 and 55-degrees. With a variety of DMX mode options appropriate to different applications, it offers virtual CMY color mixing and virtual foreground and background color wheel control as well as a choice of seven different DMX modes ranging from 16 to 28 channels.

Dimensions: 7x10x14
Weight: 16lbs

  • Moving Head Pixel Wash with Pixel Effects
  • Electronic Strobe / Dimmer
  • Pan/Tilt: 540/630 x 260
  • Beam Angle: 4 ~ 35°
  • Field Angle: 6 ~ 55°
  • Color Calibrated Pixels so units match from batch to batch
  • Virtual CMY DMX Control Modes
  • Virtual Foreground and Background Color Wheel Control
  • Selectable LED Refresh Rates (900 Hz~25K Hz)
  • Selectable Dim Modes: Standard, Stage, TV, Arch., Theatre, Stage 2 and user settable Dim Speed (0.1S~10S)

Additional information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 10 × 14 in

  • ADJ FOCUS FLEX L7 Moving Head Fixture