Drake Digital DQT1000 QAM High Definition Transcoder

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Description Description:

The R.L. Drake model DQT1000 is a professional quality, digital headend transcoder product that tunes and demodulates MPEG2 or H.264 encoded VSB or QAM modulated signals from an off-air broadcast or CATV source or accepts an ASI input source. After error correction, it remodulates and upconverts the recovered MPEG2 transport stream onto a new QAM modulated digital output channel.

Features Features:
  • High output, 61 dBmV, agile QAM modulator and upconverter are built in, operating up to 1024QAM
  • RS232 serial interface provides for remote control programming and monitoring
  • Input tuner/demodulator(s) tune off-air or CATV channels between 54 and 860 MHz and provide demodulation of 8VSB, 16VSB, or QAM modes from 16QAM to 256QAM
  • ATSC, ITUA (DVB), or ITUB (DigiCipher® II) FEC modes are supported
  • A wide range equalizer suppresses multipath effects on ATSC signals
  • Off-air ATSC mode incorporates a NTSC co-channel rejection filter
  • Major channel number pass through or remarking to RF output channel is selectable
  • Operates in a fixed output clock mode and processes null packets when required to maintain the set fixed clock rate
  • Program filtering allows the user to select which MPEG programs present in the input streams are to be included in the output or discarded
  • PSIP options include several modes of operation
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  • Drake Digital DQT1000 QAM Transcoder

Product Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 19 × 13 × 2 in
  • Weight: 8 lbs