Fujinon A14x8.5BERM-28 1:17/8.5-119mm



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Fujinon A14x8.5BERM-28 1:17/8.5-119mm

  • The f/1.7. A lower f-number like f/1.7 allows for better performance in low-light conditions
  • The lens has a variable focal length of 8.5mm at its widest to 119mm at its most zoomed-in setting, providing flexibility in capturing different types of shots.
  • This lens is designed for use in the broadcast industry, making it suitable for applications such as television production, video recording, and live events.
  • The "14x" indicates that this lens has a 14x optical zoom range
  • The "1:17" in the product name indicates the maximum aperture

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  • Fujinon A14x8.5BERM-28 1:17/8.5-119mm