JK Audio RA4 Auto Hybrid [4 Units Connected]



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The JK Audio AutoHybrid is a simple passive telephone audio interface designed for IFB feeds, remote monitoring, conferencing, broadcast, and studio recording applications. The AutoHybrid allows simultaneous send / receive audio flow through standard telephone lines. Balanced XLR input and output jacks allow noise-free connection to pro audio recorders, mixers, amplifiers, etc. When enabled, the Auto-Answer feature will automatically answer an incoming call on the first ring and then disconnect after the caller hangs up. Additional controls include Call Button, Drop Button, and OH (Off-Hook) status indicator LED. The dual transformer hybrid circuit results in a 20dB reduction between the send audio level on the caller output and the transmit level. A detachable screw terminal block provides remote control access to all features.

  • Full Duplex Hybrid
  • Passive Design
  • XLR Receive Jack
  • Tough Aluminum Design
  • Auto-Answer/Disconnect
  • XLR Send Jack
  • Remote Control Terminals

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 19 × 2 in

  • JK Audio RA4 Auto Hybrid [4 Units Connected]