LABGRUPPEN D10:4L Lake Amp 4x250W/4ohm US



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The D 10:4L is based on the same foundation of robust, high-power amplifier technologies as our renowned PLM Series – an amplifier platform with a proven record of reliability and sonic performance on the world’s most grueling concert tours and in high-profile, large-scale installations.

With the D 10:4L, those same core technologies have been updated and refocused to provide the ultimate solution for the most demanding digitally networked installed sound applications – in stadia, arenas, theme parks, performing arts centers, racecourses and other large commercial sound installations.

In addition to legendary LAB GRUPPEN reliability and sonic excellence, the D Series incorporates newly refined outputs stage technologies along with installation-targeted hardware and software features that optimize amplifier system design and configuration. Together, these new technologies allow systems integrators to minimize both initial equipment costs and end users’ long-term energy consumption.


  • Channel your power - Rational Power Management (RPM)
  • True flexibility in allocating power output across channels to match requirements, enabling more effi cient use of amplifi er inventory
  • Any channel can be signifi cantly scaled up in power from its average quarter of the total available power.
  • Exceptional power density with 4 high power channels in a slimline 1 rack unit form factor
  • Dedicated on-board surveillance & load monitoring system
  • Unique power platform
  • Universal regulated switching power supply with internal energy storage and best in class power factor correction
  • Breaker emulation limiter with confi gurable breaker profi le and current
  • Efficient IDEEA class D amplifi er modules with low impedance or direct 70 and 100 V drive
  • CAFÉ (Confi guring Amplifi ers For the Environment) Software incorporating ESP™ (Equipment Specifi cation Predictor) for design, system and equipment planning, installation and commissioning.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 19 × 2 in

  • LABGRUPPEN LAB-D10:4L D 10:4L Lake Amp 4x250W/4ohm US