QSC Q-SYS I/O-22 Multipurpose I/O Peripheral (1583-147)




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The QSC Q-SYS I/O-22 is a multipurpose I/O peripheral designed to provide flexible connectivity and control options in audio and video systems. Engineered by QSC, a trusted name in professional audio technology, this compact device packs a powerful punch, making it an essential component for enhancing your AV setup.

  • The Q-SYS I/O-22 offers a versatile array of I/O options, including balanced analog audio inputs and outputs, GPIO (General Purpose Input/Output) ports, and Ethernet connectivity. It's designed to seamlessly integrate with various audio and video peripherals.
  • Benefit from QSC's commitment to audio excellence with high-quality analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters. This ensures pristine audio signal processing, making it ideal for demanding audio applications. User-Friendly Configuration: Setting up and configuring the I/O-22 is a breeze thanks to the Q-SYS platform. It offers an intuitive interface for easy customization, control, and monitoring of connected devices.
  • The included GPIO ports enable you to interface with external devices and sensors, adding a layer of automation and control to your AV system. Trigger events, control lighting, or integrate with third-party systems effortlessly.
  • Ethernet connectivity facilitates seamless integration into your existing network infrastructure, enabling remote management and control from anywhere on the network.
  • Its compact form factor and rack-mountable design make the I/O-22 a space-efficient solution that fits seamlessly into your AV setup.

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