The Light Source Mega-Coupler Ground Device MCGM




“The Mega-Coupler® Grounder™ solves problems you didn’t even know you had! Just think of all the electrical items that are fastened to a pipe or truss rig. Many trusses are suspended with polymetric materials, that do not conduct electricity, such as nylon or polyester slings. Some pipe or truss assemblies are suspended from a wooden structure. If there is an electrical wiring failure, what is the path to ground? What might happen to anyone who comes in contact with an energized truss/pipe assembly? The new patent pending Mega-Coupler® Grounder™ is ETL listed to UL standard 467 in both the USA and Canada as a grounding clamp for pipe and truss structures. The Mega-Coupler® Grounder™ was ETL tested by carrying over 5,000 amps to ground without failure! Properly installed with a grounding conductor connected to the electrical system ground, the Mega-Coupler® Grounder™ solves these hazardous problems!

The Mega-Coupler® Grounder™ is intended to provide a ground connection for additional electrical safety for any mechanical structure fabricated from truss, pipe or round tubing ranging from 1 5/8” OD to 2” OD. The Mega-Coupler® Grounder™ can be used with either copper or aluminum grounding conductors ranging from 14 gauge to 1/0. The grounding conductor should be sized for the maximum electrical power utilized on the total electrical equipment connected to the pipe/truss assembly. The Mega-Coupler® Grounder™ device employs 6061 aluminum and stainless-steel corrosion resistant materials of construction to accommodate both indoor and outdoor above grade installations. Installation in the field must be in accordance to NFPA NEC 70.”

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Weight 4 lbs