The Light Source Mega-Coupler with 1/4″ Hex Head Bolt, Silver MLM1/4




“The Mega-Coupler has solid wing nut tabs that are stronger than regular steel wing nuts. The grade 8 Hex Head Cap Screw locks securely into the hex milled pocket so that the nylock nut can be tightened while the clamp is installed

The Mega-Coupler fastens from (1-1/4″” Pipe) 1.66″” OD to 2 “” OD truss tube and has the industry compatible 14 mm thick base.

Although 1/2″” is the most frequently used hardware size, the Mega-Coupler also comes in a 3/8″” and 1/4″” size. Other Mega-Coupler options include stainless steel hardware, steel wing nuts, Metric M-12 and M-10 hardware.

For countersunk Mega-Couplers, see the Flat Head Mega-Coupler section.

For replacement parts, see the Spare Parts section.”

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 1 × 3 in