The Light Source MEGABATTEN Connector Strip PDP, Assembly, 24′, 3 Circuit, Matte Black PDP1.5B288-3L12X18-EX16R



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Power and data in a pipe with the new MEGABATTEN connector strip. The patent pending MEGABATTEN dispenses with the traditional connector strip square or rectangular electrical enclosures by placing all of the wiring inside the pipe.
Fixtures and scenery may be located over the entire length of the MEGABATTEN, even directly over unused outlets.
Pockets are milled in the wall of extra strong schedule 80 aluminum pipe to recess the power and data receptacles inside the circumference of the pipe. 20-amp Edison receptacles are spaced every 16” with a 5 pin XLR receptacle right next to it for data. The new LED fixtures require only a few circuits, but up to six 20-amp circuits are available in the MEGABATTEN if needed.
The MEGABATTEN is ETL listed to the UL 1573 Stage and Studio standard as a connector strip. The MEGABATTEN is listed to support a load of 30 pounds per linear foot when supported on a maximum of 8-foot centers. Power and DMX is available anywhere a light is placed on the MEGABATTEN. Connecting into the MEGABATTEN re-originated DMX outlets eliminates the need to run DMX from fixture to fixture.
The MEGABATTEN is normally custom configured to customer specificiations. We keep three MEGABATTEN configurations IN STOCK for quick ship requirements. All have 5 pin XLR data connectors.

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