Whirlwind Pressbox – Active, wall mount, 14 mic/line outputs PRESS WALL



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Whirlwind’s PressPower WP (Press Wall) is a wall mount version of their popular PressPower 2 – for permanent installation – that features 2 mic/line input channels with individual gain controls and 14 transformer isolated outputs that are individually switchable for mic or line level operation. Input audio can be applied at the front panel jacks or remotely located input connectors. The PressPower WP includes a 20-segment LED level meter, an internal test tone generator, a built-in headphone monitor amp with volume control, and 48 VDC phantom power for condenser microphones. The high-performance input stage provides clean audio even in high RF environments. The unit can be installed in walls with standard 16″ stud centers and uses 115 VAC – 60 Hz power. A locking, hinged cover protects the unit when not in use. Additional active mic/line outputs can be added with up to two optional 16 channel PRESS2XP expander modules, giving you 46 total active outputs. Additional mic outputs can be achieved by adding passive PB Series Press Boxes to outputs set to line level.

  • 14 mic or line level outputs
  • XLR or 3.5mm transformer balanced output jacks
  • Complete ground isolation between outputs
  • 2 mic or line level inputs
  • Choose front panel inputs or remote connections
  • Expander connection for additional outputs
  • Test tone for level calibration
  • Headphone monitoring of input signals
  • Installs between 16" wall stud centers

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Weight 10 lbs