Whirlwind Snake – Box to Fan, 2-ch DI to XLR fanout, 15′, W1509, Snakeskin (available in BK, WH, BL, YL and VT) DI2-015-BK



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The Whirlwind 15′ 2-Ch Di2 Black Hardwired Dual Direct Box comes with Snakeskin XLR Fanout. It is a hardwired version of the Director2, combining features of 2 of the DIRECTOR series direct boxes into one unit. The Di2 makes it easy to keep your stage uncluttered and trace your cables to prevent patching errors. The box has 1/4″ input and output connectors that are wired in parallel. The inputs and outputs are isolated from each other using the same pro-grade TRHL-M transformer with a metal shield that’s found in the popular Director box. Each channel also has a ground-lift switch to eliminate hum caused by ground loops. The Snakeskin XLR fanout is ideal for converting unbalanced signals from instruments and other sound sources.

  • 1/4" Parallel output and 1/4" Input
  • 1/4 parallel wired in/out jacks
  • Ground Lift switch to help eliminate hum and buzz
  • Uses Whirlwind's TRHL-M transformer with metal shield

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Weight 10 lbs