Whirlwind Snake – Box to Fan, DRUMDROP, hardwired cable, 50′, WW multipair DRUMDROPND50



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Whirlwind’s DRUMDROP-50 is the perfect tool to do quick drum changeovers in any setting. It features (4) XLR inputs on the box for overheads, vocals, nearby backline inputs, or any other configuration you may need. Keep things simple by packing one fanout and box at the end of your gig instead of having to deal with the hassle of so many mic cables. The stainless steel box perfectly blends in with your drum hardware and keeps all of your drum inputs on the same channels. The Drum drop 50 comes with a 50′ hardwired fanout to stage box in standard blue but can be ordered in black. This model does not include a multi-pin disconnect.

  • Stay Organized - All Drum Inputs Remain on the Same Channels
  • Features (4) XLR Inputs on the Box for Overheads, Vocals, Nearby Backline Inputs, Etc.
  • 50' foot fanout in standard blue, no disconnect
  • Stainless Steel Box Blends in with Drum Hardware

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Weight 10 lbs