Whirlwind Snake – Box to Fan, DRUMDROP, W1CM stage box and 50′ W1IF detachable fanout, WW multipair DRUMDROPKITM-50



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The Whirlwind Drumdrop Kit that includes the DrumDrop Snake Cable with a W1 multipin on a stage box with a fanout. The fanout connects to your snake and is pre-wired to the stage box, which means that no microphone cables are necessary. Just plug the fanout into the stage box and you’re ready to work. Additional stage boxes can be purchased separately to pre-wire more than one drum kit. To change over with multiple stage boxes just unplug the fanout from one box and plug it into another.

  • Stay organized - all drum inputs remain on the same channels
  • Features four XLR inputs on the box for overheads, vocals, nearby backline inputs, etc.
  • Stainless steel box blends in with drum hardware
  • Pack up one fanout and box at the end of the gig instead of all those mic cables

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Weight 10 lbs