Whirlwind Snake – digital, E Snake – ES2 connector dock, 16 XLRF ES2JF



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The main components of the Whirlwind E SnakeTM system are the E Snake Frame (ES3), E Snake 2 (ES2), and E Snake ControlTM software for managing the system. Two or more of these units connected to each other or through a 100Mb Ethernet switch (transport dependent) with CAT-5 or fibre optic cables will replace the traditional analog multipair audio snake. E Snake currently supports CobraNet® and EtherSound®, the industry standards for real-time, multi-channel networked audio. Each master unit (ES3 or ES2) consists of a hardware frame and motherboard that can be configured with input and output cards. Each card is capable of processing eight channels of audio. An ES3 can accept up to 4 input and output cards. Therefore, each ES3 is capable of simultaneously processing 32 inputs and 32 outputs.

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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in