Whirlwind Snake – Fanout, 4 ch, Cat5e Ethercon to (4) XLRF / XLRM Convert Con®, 1.5 feet CT-MF



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Catdusa CT-M, CT-F and CT-MF are the latest addition to the Catdusa family. Like other Catdusa products, they use Cat cable to transmit four channels of analog audio. Both have a Neutrik Ethercon connector broken out to four XLRs on 18 inch tails. They are wired with 110 ohm cable to maintain AES and DMX performance when using shielded Cat cable. The CT-F has four female XLRs, while the CT-M terminates to four male XLRs, and the CT-MF has 4 interchangable (male/female) XLRs. They can be used together to create a simple 4 channel fan to fan snake, or combined with other Catdusa pieces to create a flexible and comprehensive stage sub snake system.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 4 in