Whirlwind Splitter – Concert Series, 48 x 10, rack-mount, W4 direct out, (2) W4 isolated splits, ground lifts, TRSP2F transformers CSR58T2RP



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The Whirlwind Concert 58 48×0 Rack Mount Dual Transformer Splitter is housed in either a heavy-duty EIA 19″ rack panel with back box enclosure. The Whirlwind MASS Series Multi pin connectors speed set-up and tear-down. Microphone inputs are wired directly to one multi pin (Main Out) and paralleled or wired through Whirlwind TRSP-1F transformers to a second multi pin (Split Out). Each microphone input has a ground-lift switch on the Split Out, and return lines are hardwired to both multi pins. Cables and fan outs to connect the system may be selected from Whirlwind’s Multiline Cable Assemblies and FM Series fan outs.

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Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 22 × 14 in