Whirlwind Switcher – Microphone / Line-Level, XLR I/O, momentary off,desktop MICMUTE-PMD



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The Whirlwind Micmute boxes offer passive switching solutions for controlling the on and off conditions of a microphone or balanced line signal via footswitch or finger switch operation. There are three styles, which cover all the essential mic control functions. Each style of Micmute is available with two types of actuator; a heavy duty footswitch (models PT, PM, PP) and a finger operated version for desktop use (models PTD, PMD, PPD). Each box has a female XLR input and a male XLR output jack. When no signal is passing through the boxes, the output jack is configured to mute the input of the connected audio device. All three styles of MicMute will pass phantom power for use with condenser type microphones.

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