Azden SMX-30 Stereo/Mono Switchable Video Mic w/ +20dB Boost



Stereo/mono switchable video mic w/ +20dB boost

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With the SMX-30 you’ve always got the right microphone for the job. That’s because it is both a stereo microphoneand a mono-shotgun microphone, allowing you to switch between the two on the fly. So for the price of a single microphone you’re actually getting two. Talk about bang for your buck! Plus with other great features like gain control, auto-on, a low cut filter, and of course awesome sound quality, the SMX-30 is sure to be a microphone you’ll always want to keep in your gear bag. Use the stereo mode to capture rich, immersive audio that enhances the scene you’re shooting. Great for nature scenes, musical performances, or any kind of action video. Mono mode uses a supercardioid shotgun microphone to really focus in on your sound source. Perfect for picking up dialogue in vlog style videos, or for “run and gun” interview situations.

  • Switch between stereo and mono microphones
  • +20dB gain booster alleviates noise produced by low-quality camera preamps
  • -10dB pad for loud sound environments
  • Auto power mode turns microphone on/off with camera
  • Low-cut filter selectable at 120Hz, 3dB/octave
  • Integrated shock-absorbing shoe-mount with 1/4”-20 thread

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 4 in

  • Azden SMX-30 Stereo/mono switchable video mic
  • Premium Windscreen